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Remember that in English, these options appear as BET and BET MAX. On the other hand can, of course, intermediate amounts bet by pressing the button as many times as credit BET want to bet.

Completed, then, the technical issue of gambling we will choose an amount of numbers drawn will believe that since the Keno machine, the amount you can choose depending on Keno varies between 10 and 15 numbers, but also can choose 2, 1, 8 or any other amount. This selection of numbers is made simply on the number board in the machine. If you will repent of a wrong number or simply, these can be deselected by pressing a second time on them.

Remember that once you have determined the numbers you play, you can set a number of consecutive times for the machine to perform the same combination, this action must be done with the buttons (PLAY ONE, PLAY FIVE and so on). In Keno you can get to play with the same play and automatically up to 10 hands in a row.

Keno, like all other games and practices and disciplines that human beings have practiced over time, presents a number of specific terms that define many of its main features, premises, or plays. Here then, and that none of these expressions take him by surprise when playing Keno, we offer a list of the most common terms in the game and their respective explanation.

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Blackjack is a cards game which require strategy and skill to play.



Play Baccarat online to win huge money with online casinos.



Video poker is one of the mostly played variant of online poker.



Dice games are popular among online casinos which people like to play.



It starts with the rotation of wheel with ball which stops at any number.


Keno is a fun loving game, it just require little skill and knowledge of game.



Slot Machines are widely played at top online casinos.



It is a ball game based on luck. It is available is different variants.



Hit All-Play is achieved only when drawn out all those numbers you have selected. In this play but the odds are clearly unfavorable, its major awards in every case outweigh the risk it took to follow it.

Up-Down-The name given to a specific play keno in which the player chooses to place their bets an entire half of the card may well be inferior or superior, hence its name.

Edge-Play available for Keno, which selects all those numbers are located on the edge of the board or card.

Combination-mode game that closely resembles Way mode, except that it can be combined in various plays of cardboard

Common-The Common appears to be the simplest of game modes, which are chosen from one to twenty different numbers and you win based on how many of them drawn out effectively.

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