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Welcome to online baccarat. We want to present here our game to heart and get you started considerably. Card games always begin with the opening of a new game package. To be sure that the cards do not have spots or irregularities. Then the dealer will meddle the cards in online baccarat takes over the computer. The French pattern on the back is clearly visible. 312 cards are at the beginning of each game in the drawer. As with any game of cards, each card has its own value. For a successful game, it is important that you know the value of each card. The best card is the 9 The value corresponds to the number on the card. It is the same for the other payment cards. The face cards are Queen, King and Jack. The scores 10 and the face cards. These have the value 0 1 point is one of the ace

Now the game begins. In Baccarat, you get a card, then the bank and then back again after you and the bank. Only when you have 2 cards, you may begin. The best part is when you have 9 points. Because it's easy - and won! But if you have more than 9 points 10 points are taken away. It works like this: You get eight hearts and diamonds 6 = 14 points. 14-10 = 4 points. Since it is easy, of course, take another card. It is different when you have 6 points. As it turns out, what type of player you are. The Conservative take any more cards and is satisfied. The aggressive type of player with more courage and dares take another card. Before this election, you will often be at Baccarat. But that's also fun and increases the tension. Boredom is not guaranteed in this game.

The bank must comply with the specially designed rules. The most important rule is: free decision, the bank is not online at Baccarat. It always depends on what cards you have, then the bank has to adjust itself. Take on 3 or 2 or 1 or 0 points, the bank must have a ticket. At 6 or 7 points, the bank may not accept any new card. With 3 points for the bank and 5 or 6 or 7 points for you, the Baccarat - take another bank card. Since it is very important that you know this. The bank can not decide. Exceeds the bank 6 points, it is concluded. The game is over and you win if you have more than 6 points. Congratulation

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If you get an internal bet, you should be sure in any case the minimum of the table has been exceeded. So if you want to bet $ 5, then you should, for example, every $ 1 bet on different numbers of the table layout.

You can also set the $ 5 on a single number or a predetermined combination of numbers, but you must always keep in mind that the entire operations should reach $ 5 or even exceed.


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