Baccarat for Beginners


Because of the air of mystery that surrounds the game of baccarat, many would-be gamblers tend to shy away from the game and stick to what is familiar, like roulette or slot machines. Baccarat is a fun game and is very simple to learn, so players should never feel intimidated by the fancy ropes and excited players.

Playing Baccarat

In order to take some of the mystery out of the game, players should remember that playing baccarat is often as simple as counting to nine. All of the work is handled by the casino in most variations, so players are only required to place their bets and wait for the results. The house edge is very low in baccarat for player and banker bets, meaning that the player actually has a fair shot at winning as long as tie bets are avoided most of the time.

The Outcome

There are only three possible outcomes in the game of baccarat: the player wins, the banker wins or the hand results in a tie. The croupier collects the bets, counts the scores and pays the winners; players simply need to decide who they believe will end the hand with a score of nine or as close to nine as possible. In some cases, the player may believe that the hand will result in a tie, but this happens very infrequently.

The Setting

Since baccarat tables are generally cordoned off and surrounded by well-dressed, wealthy players in land-based casinos, very few gamblers have dared to take a peek into the actual setting of the game of baccarat. Most full-sized baccarat tables accommodate as many as 13 players, while mini baccarat tables seat fewer. The minimum buy-in will vary from venue to venue but generally range from $25.00 to as much as $500.00.

Online baccarat is a game that is often shrouded in mystery but is one of the simplest games in the casino. Players who are interested in baccarat will be surprised to learn that there really is not that much to know about playing the game.

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